Who can make a company registration in Bulgaria?

You want to start your new business in Bulgaria but you are not sure if you can? Keep reading and I will try to answer your question.

Who can register a company in Bulgaria is a commonly asked question mostly from foreigners. Anybody who has reached the age of 18 can make company registration in Bulgaria regardless of citizenship. There are no formal requirements of conditions for foreign citizens who want to register a company…It doesn’t even matter if you are a European citizen or not.

The next thing you probably think about is the kind of company you should register. In Bulgaria, we have different forms of ownership of enterprises. For example ET (Individual entrepreneur), АД (Joint Stock Company), ООД (Limited liability company with two or more founders) or ЕООД (Limited Liability Company with one founder). The ООД type of company refers to the widely known and preferred worldwide limited liability companies – LLC or Ltd. For much larger businesses it may be suitable to register a joint-stock company but these cases are rarer.

Company registration Bulgaria

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