Guaranteed Quality – Aronia Wine by Bulgarian bio farm

How much do you spend monthly on immunostimulating medicinal products and food additives? We are pretty sure that the amount is quite large, but their effect is in doubt. We have another offer for you. Imagine that all vitamins that the body needs and all useful ingredients for the immune system are contained in just one glass of red wine. Yes, it is quite possible and true. Do you have a look at the healing qualities of the Aronia berry? If you are not, we will let you know.

Farm Shayen has been producing vegetables and fruits for many years and has been a leader in the market in this line. The farm is located next to the sea cost in Bulgaria and the climate is permitting for cultivating. They sell 100% organic juice, syrup and Aronia wine at a low price. The farm has an online store –, where you can read more about their activity, the plants they grow, the horse tourism they recently work on and most importantly to order online cold pressed fresh juice or aronia wine.

Farm Shayen is located in southeastern Bulgaria, near the town of Primorsko. You can visit it at any time of the year and buy fresh fruit and vegetables for your home. They also recently offer horseback riding in the area, which is suitable for both large and small.

Guaranteed Quality - Aronia Wine by Bulgarian bio farm

The properties of the aronia are many but the most common is weight loss, better digestion, prevention of colon cancer, cognitive disorders in the brain, immunity, smoother and cleaner skin, for the regulation of the circulatory system, some antibacterial effect, fights with diabetes, facilitates the smooth functioning of the urinary tract.

Vacuum pack of 10 litres of wine at a price of only 35 leva which can be consumed for a very long time. This means you pay only 3,5 leva per litre. If you have any questions, please call 0894663102 for more information.